Building Insurance

Insure your property from the worst.

If you decide to buy a home with the help of money lender then you have to remember you might be required to obtain a Building Insurance. This will keep your and lender’s investment safe and secure. Lender might present their own, but you can shop around.

Building Insurance usually covers you in case your property is damaged by fire or flooding. Fitted fixtures like bathrooms and kitchens or additions that are on your land like sheds and garages are sometimes included in cover too.

Your belongings are not covered in this type of insurance.

However, on many occasions, combining building insurance with content insurance can save you money by getting you a better deal for taking two covers. You can also achieve cheaper policy by agreeing to pay higher excess. Always remember to check what the policy actually covers.

Lower price might get you smaller pay-outs or not cover certain situations and parts of house.

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