Life Assurance

Protect your family and their future.

If you are looking for the cheapest option to insure your life, then Life Assurance is for you. It is the most basic plan that cover you within fixed time frame. It will pay out a lump sum in case of your death if it happens during the policy term.

You can build up the insurance by adding additional covers on top. A good example could be Critical Illness Cover. If you have both then you would receive a lump sum when diagnosed with critical illness on top as well as the one in case of death.

Our Life Assurance cover is perfect for those who wants to ensure their families do not have to worry about money when they pass away. It is exceptionally useful when there is mortgage, kids or other dependants. It helps with paying off the debts or could simply be used on day to day spending after the breadwinner death. Thanks to its low cost it will not impact home budget much.

Our team of compassionate advisers is more than happy to advise you on the best cover.